Appointments are precious- please do let us know if you are unable to attend. Thank you.

Patients are reminded that it is important to request a follow up appointment with the GP that you saw initially, if the follow up is for an ongoing problem that the GP has begun investigating or treating. This ensures continuity of Care for any given condition.

In order to ensure to ensure that you are accessing the correct service and clinician for your needs the receptionist may well discreetly ask for some idea as to the reason for your request.

Open Surgery

Open Surgery is available on Monday morning at Downham surgery from 08:00am and Monday and Friday morning at our Mottingham branch, appointments are available on a first come first serve basis. The surgery is often very busy at that time and you may be invited to go home and come back to the surgery later that morning when you will still need to sit and wait but for a shorter period of time.

Please note that requests for Repeat prescriptions or for long term medical certificates will not be dealt with in open surgery.

All prescription request can be dealt with by our prescription clerks who will liaise with a doctor on your behalf. Patients requiring long term certificates should please make a routine appointment with their usual doctor.

How to Make an Appointment

Appointments may be booked in several ways:


Patients can book appointments up to 4 weeks in advance using online services.

By Phone

Patients can book an appointment by calling reception on 020 8799 5699.

In Person

Patients can visit the surgery and book an appointment with the receptionist.